Saturday, March 18, 2017

5 Unique Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Social Media Platform

Is social media marketing viable in today’s world? Some people tend to think that social media only offer networking platforms where people read and write meaningless things. But it is an online platform where you van engage people from all walks of life on any topic that is interesting. The topic could be related to the services or products you sell in our business. It is all about what you present to the people that will provoke them to debate about. There are meaningless content on social media, but it depends on how you capture the attention of your target audience.

Hubspot, a web hosting provider, claims that more than 90% of digital marketers find social media helpful while over 80% have seen results regarding increasing traffic on their sites. It is all about how well you utilize the social media platform for your marketing and business needs. Even though almost 100% of marketers are utilizing the social media, more than 80% are not aware of how they can make the most use of the online platform. There are several ways you can make the best use of social media for your business.

Increase conversion

Conversion is when you turn your readers or followers into buyers. When you regularly make contact with your customers, it will increase the chances of them buying your products or services. It allows you to sell on social media by posting and uploading content on a regular basis. It is simple when you have many followers. However, you have to keep them occupied with your site. You need to post something new every day or week to help engage them in a certain topic. Choose topics that are interesting for your followers and ask them for their views to help you come up with a topic they like.

Minimize the overall marketing cost

Imagine having to send an email to every customer or target audience. It can be strenuous and time-consuming not to mention costly. Social media marketing offers the best online marketing tool that allows you to reach many people at the same time. If you have 20,000 followers, you can write a post and then connect with them at the same time. It gives you the ultimate cost-effective platform on which you can have your say, and your followers can get the message on time. If you were to set up a marketing campaign to reach such a number, it would take you more time and money to make it a success.

Improve the SEO ranking

It is not just about keyword research and Meta tags anymore for one to improve SEO ranking for their sites. The major search engines are looking for quality and what other people are saying about the content you write. This is where social media marketing comes in to play a huge role on your part. It can help you create a strong brand as people will talk about your site and the products or services you have in store. Most big brands will have a strong online presence, and that is how they get their high SEO ranking. If you desire to improve your SEO ranking and traffic to your site you need a convincing online social media presence.

Create brand awareness

If you have a startup business, then you need to make it known and attract potential customers to your business. New businesses face a huge problem of few customers and since they are not known it can be difficult to compete with already established businesses. You can use social media marketing as a way of creating brand awareness for your business. It gives you the needed online presence and connects with your customers on social media. You can start by identifying your customer base or target audience before plunging into digital marketing. Social media has a mix of everyone and hence the need to filter out who you need. From there, you can launch your brand to the social media community.

Build a higher authority for your brand

Brand authority means you are in control. After creating your brand on social media, you can proceed to engage your customers and followers. When you have a strong brand authority, you don’t need to sell the brand as your followers will do it for you. It starts with how well you engage your customers and the quality of services and products you have in store. When customers and followers trust the quality of your services and products, they use social media to market those products and services.

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