Friday, November 24, 2017

The Shinola Lake Erie Monster Is the Brand’s Biggest Watch Release Yet

There's a vast sea of diver watches( like CITIZEN ECO DRIVE WATCH )thath hit the market every year, and while most don't get past wannabe-Submariner status, a select few manage to bring something new to the all-purpose silhouette. You can add the Shinola Lake Erie Monster watch to that list, the latest entry into the Detroit-based brand's timepiece lineup and their first-ever automatic watch. It ticks off all the bells-and-whistles boxes that a great diver should: an ultra-durable stainless steel case (43mm, in case you're wondering) with a 30 ATM depth rating (equal to about 990 feet), a sapphire crystal dome with anti-reflective coating, uni-rotating bezel (to help you keep track of oxygen usage), and LEM Super-LumiNova indices that make this watch easy to read in any light (or lack thereof). But this watch also comes with one very unique backstory, one that involves a freaky sea creature turned urban legend.

The Lake Erie Monster, a.k.a. Bessie, a.k.a. the U.S.'s answer to the Loch Ness Monster, was first reportedly spotted in the late 1800s, and various sailors and locals have claimed to see its 40-foot-long snake-like body in the Great Lake about once a decade since then. While the sea creature has never actually been recorded on film or iPhone, it has provided the area with an easily identifiable mascot suitable for everything from sports teams (NHL's Cleveland Monsters), beer (Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA), and now, one handsome timepiece. Shinola's newest watch pays homage to Bessie in myriad ways, the most literal of which is a caseback that features an illustration of the monster and is adorned with a genuine blue sapphire eye. And to encourage your own search for the creature (or just your keys), the watch comes with a Princeton Tech diver’s flashlight and a diver’s map of the Great Lakes. It's easy to focus on the novelty of the Shinola Lake Erie Monster, but the watch's Argomatic R150 movement—crafted with Swiss movements in Switzerland—is a big step for the 6-year-old brand and puts it in a new field of competitors. But with only 500 of these timepieces in existence, getting one of your own is almost as rare as seeing Bessie in real life.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Spartan SR-1 Red Flash Camera/May 16, 2015

The new Spartan SR1-IR red flash camera has been sitting on the table staring me down, waiting for its chance to shine. I found some time this morning to get the review started on this camera. The camera is identical to the Spartan SR1-BK camera I have been testing with the exception of flash type. This is not the invisible flash but the IR Red Flash. This means that it will have improved night vision and some what better battery life in theory. It is the standard camera (like MOULTRIE PANORAMIC 150I ) in the front door style. This is a sturdy feeling square box with some break up molded into its face plate. No space alien look here but who really cares.

There is a sturdy, one handed operation, latch that securely seals this camera up. The front and back halves meet against a flat uninterrupted planar surface that makes a really good seal. I have had no leaking with this line of cameras in the testing I have done. Where the front and back halves meet, the back half of the case recesses into the front.

The camera accepts 12 AA batteries and will run on the first 4. A menu driven operation makes for simple setup and I did not need any instruction manuals to configure it. The camera uses a native CMOS sensor of 5MP and supports interpolation up to 8MP. The unit comes in both a dark brown and a camo exterior. The buttons are easy to read and operation is smooth.

The LED array is exposes those shiny clear leds, though a vein running through the leds provides a break up pattern to help minimize this bright spot.

The SD card is easily accessible. For security, there is a python through hole on the top back as well as a strap slot. I would recommend a lock box as the python would not stop someone from opening the camera and removing your SD card.

There is a threaded insert on the bottom that accepts a standard tripod mount.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Power Banks to the Rescue

You no longer need to whine about the lousy battery life of your phone. Just plug in a USB battery pack to your device and you are good to go! In our exhaustingly busy schedule, power banks (for example: SUNJACK LIGHTSTICK ) are an absolute necessity.

Our cellphones are getting better and faster every day. But this is at the expense of heavy power usage. The best fixation for this power greed is the power bank.

There are tons of power banks out there. What are they for? How do they differ? Which one should you buy? Read on to get your answers.

What are USB battery packs?

USB battery packs or “power banks,” as we usually call them, are devices which can store electrical energy. Hence the name. They have an ability to control the flow of the stored energy, supplying it when required.

Once charged, you can connect it to any USB device to charge its battery. They are just like your internal mobile batteries. Charge them and get power on demand. While there are jokes doing the rounds on how we are hooked to the wall outlets, which is synonymous with using landlines, external batteries are here to stay.

The only difference here is that instead of charging your phone directly from the wall socket through a charger, we are plugging it into the external power bank.

The following are some reasons because of which power banks are a rage these days.
Several charging cycles—Once charged, the power can be used several times to charge your device up to the 100% mark
Extremely handy and compact—Power banks are small in size, can easily fit into your pocket, and can be carried along with you wherever required.
Capacity according to your requirements—Power banks come in various capacities. You can choose whichever is suitable for your device according to the duty.
Attractive—Yes! Power banks are attractive. They come in various shapes and colors which add to their desirability.
They retain power for several months—If the power bank is unused for months or weeks, it usually retains most of its power. However, low-end power banks do not offer this feature. They might lose the charged power over time.

Devices that it can charge up

All USB charged devices—these include mobile phones, portable speakers, kindle, iPods, etc.

Charging a power bank

Charging a power bank is as simple as charging any other device. You might not get a separate charger meant exclusively for the battery pack while buying it. But this won’t be an issue since you can use any USB charger to fill up your power bank.

Like regular phone batteries, power banks also have a limited charge-discharge cycle. Hence, it is advisable to keep the use of the power bank to a minimum. Use it only while traveling and in emergency situations. Power banks have an efficiency if about 75%. That is, it will deliver only 75% of its total capacity.

Almost all power banks come with a minimum of two ports—one full USB port for discharging and one mini or micro USB port for charging itself.

Charging time

The charging time of external battery packs greatly depends on its capacity. The higher the stored capacity, the more time it will take to charge. The charging time also depends on environmental conditions, like temperature.

Exposure to high temperatures might cause permanent damage to the power bank. In addition to this, if you are charging it through a computer or laptop, it will be relatively slow. Because of this, it is advisable to use wall chargers.

Using chargers with several charging outlets work great for power banks since it can charge your phone, power bank, and other devices simultaneously saving you a great deal of time.

The best match

Power banks come in various shapes, sizes, capacities and current ratings. Not all of them are suitable for you. While you may be tempted to choose one with a greater capacity, it will come with a hefty prize.

It is imperative to know your power requirements and working environment to zero in on your ideal match. Figure out the number of devices that need to be charged from the power bank. It is advisable that you choose a power bank with a greater capacity than the total power required.

Battery health

The battery pack cannot completely deliver its stored energy. Moreover, over time your phone batteries also lose its capacity to charge up to 100%. Depending on the usage and time, the battery health depreciates for both.

Here’s an empirical way to calculate how many times a given power bank will charge a phone/device of a certain capacity.

Real capacity * (phone battery health / phone capacity) * conversion rate = total charge times

For instance,

36000 x 0.9 x (0.9 / 1500) = 5.12

Here, 36,000 and 1500 are the capacities of power bank and mobile batteries respectively.

0.9 signifies the efficiency or conversion rates for the power bank and mobile battery. They need not be the same. These figures indicate the overall health of the battery.

Branded power banks deliver almost 100% of its mentioned capacity. However, cheap power banks degrade over time giving less efficiency.


Most of the power banks are made up of lithium ion and lithium polymer. They work best when you prevent the battery from going down below 20%. Also, the maximum charging should be up to 80%. Draining or charging it completely can affect the overall life of the power bank.

Some people also fear about the stability of the power bank. It is an energy storage device. The chances are that it may explode in some extreme circumstances. But this does not mean power banks are unsafe. Such accidents are extremely rare, and power banks are quite safe for use.

USB external battery packs have definitely made our lives easier. Now you don’t have to go hunting for a charger or wall socket every time you run out of power on your phone.

Friday, April 14, 2017

A Home Away from Home: Your Child's Chilling Spot

In the last couple of decades, the upsurge in the demand for more child care facilities has grown considerably due to the rise in a number of families where both parents work full-time occupations in addition to the quantity of working single mothers in society. The amount of child care or day care centers have grown exponentially as many people are leaving their present professions as a way to cash in on this particular chance. Sadly, not everyone among these facilities provides the very best facilities for your son or daughter.

Keep in mind the choice you make when picking out a child care facility not only changes your kid, it's going to impact you too in the future. Here are a few ideas for the best way to select your son or daughter 's second house, specifically the child care facility you register them in:

Consult a child care referral or resource center - your best option would be to get a listing of care facilities from these organizations as opposed to looking at advertisements in the paper or your local area phone book. Never take anybody's word on this particular issue until you've done some serious research.

Make a listing of child care facilities and see each of them - make a record of 5 or 6 of these facilities and after that see each one of them. Speak to the manager and a number of their teachers to discover the following:

  • certification and licensing certificate/info
  • how clean the facility is
  • how many adults are used in the child care facility
  • the form of food that's being served to the kids
  • the variety of kids which are registered in each facility

Have a look at the qualifications of the staff members - these people should have gotten an appropriate screening before they were hired. Also, you need to inquire around when they've undergone background checks and fingerprinting. Request it the staff members have they been properly instructed in child care and should they've been instructed the best way to perform CPR. Don't forget the better care facilities require their staff members attend courses and are continuously updated about the company itself and enhancing their abilities.

Hang out for some time and do some detecting - do not simply walk into the facility and walk around for a few minutes before leaving and moving on to the next one when you're studying these care facilities. You would like to stick around long enough so you could discover the method by which the staff members socialize with the youngsters and learn in the event the facility encourages a lot of the same worth you insist upon in your house. In case you see other parents at the facility, speak with them and learn how they feel about it.

Do some additional research - in close, as long as you just speak with the manager or owner and a number of the staff members, you'll most likely just hear positive comments about the facility. It's also wise to inquire to your local region Department of Health and Supervised Visitation Services and Department of Social Supervised Visitation Services Tacoma viewing each facility on your own list. Learn in the event the care facility is in great standing locally.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

How Poor Financial Management can Hurt New Business

For most people, running a business is to do with the freedom of being their own boss and the opportunity to make good money, with the potential to make a lot of money in the future.

That means you need to get the financial side of your business in the best shape you can, because if you don’t, then the chances are it will drag you down.

In the beginning

Your initial business plan should examine all your finance options, from the capital you will need to get premises and equipment, to the revenue streams necessary for the business to run smoothly. Starting up is exciting, but you need to be clear about where your initial finance is coming from, and then how you plan to sustain the company’s income so that you can pay bills, rent if appropriate, employees, and, of course, yourself.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Longines Started Exploring From the Philadelphia Universal Exhibition

In the Swiss timekeeping world, Longines is one of the well-known brands for its classy and elegant timepieces.But, it witnessed ups and downs in its journey to establish a reputed place in the Swiss watch-making.

From just a small shop in Saint Imier, the brand continued to evolve itself to become the synonym of Swiss watches. From 1832 to till date, the brand has been conveying the same gesture to the innovation that is - 'Elegance is an Attitude'

The Philadelphia Universal Exhibition of 1876 seemed to be the turning point for the brand.It helped them to identify the advanced mechanics used in watch-making. After which, they applied their innovation to manufacturing timeless beauty of timepieces.
Despite facing lots of obstacles, the brand continued walking to infuse creativity for manufacturing the best watch collection. It is also even said that the efforts of designing the best timepieces bought Swiss timekeeping at the forefront of the watchmaking.

Longines and Its Initial Achievements:

The timepieces, introduced by Pre Owned Longines Watches, conveyed the hard work of the brand.This has bagged various awards that took the company to the pinnacle of success.It was the brand that made the manufacturers' authenticity mandatory for the standard quality.
For this reason, the brand had introduced winged hourglass logo.The next step of the brand was to have its logos registered with World Intellectual Property Registration (WTPO). With this, the brand got acclaimed as the oldest brand registered by WTPO.

Longines started opening up its stores:

The brand has focused on the American market first to tap a huge number of buyers.They took a rational step with this decision by increasing the production of watches. This had brought them the title of 1900 Paris Universal Exhibition Grand Prize.The quality of the technology was such that the brand had started an era of the mechanical age.

The time of crisis made Longines strong:

Swiss watch making was facing a crisis due to the First World War and the phase continued to engulf the watch makers till the Great Depression in 1930's. Longines had successfully gone through the crisis and managed to produce calibers.
They followed the advance technology of that era and tried to infuse them in their production process. The result of which had been shown through their introduction of chronographs, automatic movement, and so on.
Longines welcomed the technological challenge of the time, rather than struggling with it. This had made the brand to offer path-breaking timepieces that created a record in the timekeeping world. With the passage of time, it earned experience to enhance its technological innovation.
The association with Paillard-Bolex seemed to consider an important decision for the brand because it had driven them towards incorporating new features like a high-speed camera for recording even the smallest fraction of the time.

Drives down the memory lane of Longines to explore the history behind its eloquent collections:
Longines BelleArti:

The BelleArti entailed a long history. Inspired by the historic 20th-century watch model, these series reveals the legacy of the brand.

Longines DolceVita:

Dolcevita collection is designed for revealing the elegance of the Swiss watch-making. The collection is designed with a contemporary design that interprets the sweetness of the life. The rectangular dial releases an eloquent feminine beauty that never fails to charm women with free thinking.


The series is marked by the revolutionary history of 1920's. The era is enriched by the free thinkers and motivators. The liberal thinking also dominated the style as well. The watches for men and women are designed with the art that wins the hearts of watch-lovers.


The appeal of the classic never dies. Flagship series carries forward the charm of the tradition through the timepieces. The collection is mainly designed for giving the tribute to its classic timepieces that drove the brand for the innovation. It is the heritage range that brings out the classic architecture.

Grande Classique:

As the name depicts, the Classique collection brings out the tradition of the brand. Known for its winged hourglass logo, the collection has its own admirers all over the world. These timepieces maintain a classic elegance throughout their appearances. They grace the wrists of the wearers with their ageless appeal.


HydroConquest collection is specially designed for divers. These watches have a different look from its conventional design; still, they follow the same line of thought - Elegance is an Attitude.
As the time flows, Longines has been changing itself to be always with the ever-changing thinking of the era. The brand always remains adaptable, starting from The Philadelphia Universal Exhibition of 1876 to till date.

They started exploring when other Swiss watch brands compelled to pull off their collections. This never-give-up attitude made the brand creative and innovative.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

5 Unique Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Social Media Platform

Is social media marketing viable in today’s world? Some people tend to think that social media only offer networking platforms where people read and write meaningless things. But it is an online platform where you van engage people from all walks of life on any topic that is interesting. The topic could be related to the services or products you sell in our business. It is all about what you present to the people that will provoke them to debate about. There are meaningless content on social media, but it depends on how you capture the attention of your target audience.

Hubspot, a web hosting provider, claims that more than 90% of digital marketers find social media helpful while over 80% have seen results regarding increasing traffic on their sites. It is all about how well you utilize the social media platform for your marketing and business needs. Even though almost 100% of marketers are utilizing the social media, more than 80% are not aware of how they can make the most use of the online platform. There are several ways you can make the best use of social media for your business.

The Shinola Lake Erie Monster Is the Brand’s Biggest Watch Release Yet

There's a vast sea of diver watches( like  CITIZEN ECO DRIVE WATCH )thath hit the market every year, and while most don't get pas...